Help! My Father talks too much – Nigerian man cries

A Nigerian man has come out to cry online that his father talks too Much! The man took to a Nigerian online forum (NL) to lay down his complains.. Read below….

“My dad talks too much” and by saying too much I did not mean he’s crazy or something, I mean he talks sensible thing for an absurd long period of time.
Let me use 5 out of million of scenario to define my case.
1. Anytime the family is complete inside the house, and everyone is quiet; busy with something, I browsing on my phone, my little brother playing video game, my sister using beads, mum watching TV and my dad? Talking. When it is very obvious that no one cares to listen, he continue talking.
2. If any of my friends came to visit me, they will become my dad’s guest. From the very first moment they say “Good morning” to him, he started talking, asking them questions, essp about their work, school, and talking about his own life too. Like what is happening now, I can see awkward smile on their face as they listen but just don’t want to walk away leaving him embarrassed.
3. One day, I was chatting with girlfriend till late in the night, he woke up and say a light in the male children’s room, he came in and started accusing me of internet fraud. We talked and talked till we settle it at dawn. From 2 to 4.30. In the morning, my dad started the topic with my mum again.
4. He talks every seconds when he is in the house or when anyone is with him.
5. He make anyone he saw with me (or any of my siblings) to introduce themselves. Indoor or outdoor.
I don’t usually talk about my family affair with people but nobody knows me here or my dad.
I just want to know how to handle situation like this because I’ve started thinking of leaving the house. Maybe I’ll learn to accept him when I don’t see him everyday.
See? He is starting already… continues to talk when I’m not even looking at him.

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