I Need A Husband – Moji Olaiya


A popular cliché says life begins at 40 and for actress Moji Olaiya who clocked 40 last week, her life just began. Granted she said, in a chat with Saturday Beats, that she is grateful to reach this milestone, the actress believes that she still has a lot to achieve.

Even with her marriage that crashed some time ago, the actress said she has not ruled out getting married again in the nearest future.

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“What went through my mind during my birthday was giving thanks to God that my family was there for me and my friends really supported me. My colleagues were also there to celebrate with me, so there was no time to think about a man that was not there by my side.

“Seeing my daughter and my mother beside me made me so happy. I was not thinking about anything that has to do with my marriage at all. Although there were some split seconds that I wished that my man was beside me to celebrate such a milestone in my life, since I am alive, I thank God. I still want to get married because it is not good when a woman is not under a man’s roof…” she said.

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