Do You Think The Secret Marriage Between Sotayo gaga And MC Oluomo Is Still Intact Or Broken?


Sotayo Gaga is one of Nollywood Fastest Growing Female actress, her Roles in movies can be described as outstanding, coupled with her charming beauty

But Sometimes last year, news flew around that fair skinned Yoruba Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola a.k.a Sotayo gaga tied the knots in a very hush affair with popular NURTW boss Musiliu Akinsanya known mostly as Mc Oluomo. Reports had it that not only did Sotayo marry Oluomo, she got a wedding ring that she posed with for a long time, you can always see that via the pictures we uploaded,Our findings and most of her pictures support this claim.

While the actress swore to high heavens that the only relationship between her and the Oshodi Junta (MC OLUOMO) was just platonic friendship, many industry sources swore that there was indeed a marriage ceremony though in a very secret affair

Oluomo who has been linked to many other actresses in the Yoruba industry did not confirm or refute the claim, however, that is not surprising since he is not really a Social Media Person

What we can’t deal with is the fact that it’s been over a year, and Ms Bella aka Sotayogaga still will not satisfy our curiosity. Was she just one of the ‘other women’ or she has a claim to the Akinsanya name as Mc’s third wife, something the others cannot claim to have. If she does have a claim to the name, why then is the affair still filed under ‘secret affair’? From what we know, marriage has an affiliation with love. Well, maybe not love for a person but love for a thing. Whichever, love has to be involved’

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So, dear Sotayo, we need to address this issue once and for all; what is your present relationship with Mc Oluomo, Been following her recently and we see different approach cos she appears SINGLE

She might like to claim that this aspect of her life is private, sadly, we can’t have it like that; no part of a celebrity’s life is private. Although the talented and well spoken Tayo no longer wears the wedding band she was spotted with all through last year, we are still curious.

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