Yoruba star actress, Funke Adesiyan has made it clear to all who care to listen that acting is not her only source of income as it does not pay her bills, adding that she does other businesses.

She made this know at the recent seminar organized by City People Magazine for all upcoming actors/actresses.

Funke, who was a principal speaker and facilitator at the event, took time to lecture prospective and intending actors on what to do and what not to do to succeed in the competitive industry.

According to her;”Be informed that it takes more than talent for you to succeed in the movie industry. Whichever stage you consider as the top, you must sell more than your talent. You must sell your image. You must take your time to build a reputation and brand for yourself.

The popular actor that produces world-class movie today, Kunle Afolayan, did not become a star overnight. He had attended the New York school of Art four years before producing Irapada that shot him to limelight. Kunle did not ride on his father’s success.

Having said that, Funke added that the upcoming actors should not go into the industry with the sole impression of making money, but with a die-hard passion.

She also advised that every actors should have other businesses to support themselves. This is where she made it clear that acting does not pay her bills.

Acting does not pay my bills and I try to be as real as possible. I’m working on my business which involves importing and selling of bathroom accessories. I do souvenirs and I am into animal husbandry.

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“I like to trade. I went into buying and selling at a tender age. It is not difficult to make money when you are hard-working. If you fail, you have to get up and do it again until you succeed. Although you can cut corners to get rich, you can’t cut corners to be successful.”