Adorable! Meet Nigerian family where all members are all doctors

Adorable! Meet Nigerian family where all members are all doctors

A married Nigerian man has shown off his medical doctor family on social media. The man who is based in the United States shared photos of his beautiful family in which every member is a medical doctor in separate fields.

The family is made up of doctors in separate fields. According to the man, he has two sisters and one brother. His mother is a family physician, sister is a family nurse practitioner and his other sister and brother are both doctors in training.

The young Nigerian man who is a radiologist is also married to a beautiful wife who is a pediatrics doctor.

He said: “The women in my life. From L-R Dr. Mom (Family Medicine), Sister (Family Nurse Practitioner), Dr. Wife (Pediatrics), Dr. Sister (Cardiology), Sister (MS3). A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is a lethal combination.”

In another post shared by the radiologist on Instagram, it was discovered that the doctor family try as much as possible to give back to the community using their skills as doctors.

On the Instagram post, the radiologist stated that he and his family members came back to Nigeria to provide medical care to people in their community during Christmas season in 2017.

He said: “Today my family took time to give back to the community. We spent time providing medical care to the people in our village. We have been blessed and it definitely felt good to touch multiple lives this Christmas season. We have plans to do very big things and by Gods grace, we will achieve them. Thank you to everyone that participated. It was an amazing and humbling experience. “

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