Liz Anjorin has revealed to Slickson the reason she does not take her movies to cinemas to premiere.
The delectable babe, said she prefer to hold a gigantic party to launch the flicks coming out from her stable than to take it to cinemas because she makes millions of naira from.
Recently, particularly few days after she premiered her much talked about movie, “Owo Naira Bet” on July 7th 2017, some of her fans questioned her on social media on why she doesn’t show her movies at the cinemas and the Lekki babe refused to give answer. In her response, Liz said, “What I have in Owo Naira Bet is far beyond some movies we see at the Cinemas.
It is just that I am a business lady. When we talk about business I am a business oriented person. Let me give you an instant. The movie that goes to cinemas, the adverts will last for just a month and after the film has been seen, the promotion and adverts ends there. Unlike the kind of movie premiere I did the promotion and massive adverts stayed for six months which I cannot get from any cinema.
What I made at my launching, I am sorry I cannot make it at the cinemas because cinemas goes on percentage and is why I will love my movie in premiere because I am a devoted business fellow. To all my friends or people that feels like why is she not taking her movies to the cinemas, when you spend millions of naira on a movie, you see jobs of 3 million naira at cinemas, I think mine should be overrated from cinemas.
It is bigger than cinema. The point is that I am a business person and I don’t believe in lying to people that I made a particular amount of money from the cinema which is not in my bank account or reflect in my appearance as I claimed. I go for business first. Maybe I will take my next movie to cinema if I do my calculation and it right with me to make my money in returns. But if goes other way round, my dear I will rather stay with my movie premiere.
Garri don’t advertise itself, people should watch out for Owo Naira Bet and see what I am talking about, then, and they can judge it if it is something I should take to cinema or not to equalize the money spent on it”, she explained.