Kemi Afolabi is a talented Nollywood actress, film producer and scriptwriter who is well known in the Yoruba film sector.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the actress disagreed with the fact that actresses in the Nigerian movie industry are often richer than their male counterparts.

She said:

“I don’t believe that female actors are richer than their male colleagues. People always make it seem like it’s only actresses that get gifts from their fans. Meanwhile, both genders get gifts from their admirers. Besides, there are quite a number of actors who have houses and cars while some actresses don’t have land, not to talk of a building to their name.”

On how she deals with her male admirers, Afolabi said, “I no longer get many of those, unlike when I was unmarried. But some of them still persist despite the fact that I have a kid. Any man who tries to be more than friends will eventually become my friend because of my polite behaviour.”

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