Debie-Rise, one of the housemates of the Big Brother Naija reality show, Debie-Rise, has disclosed how she ran away from home, against her father’s advice just to go after her dream as an artiste.

The 27-year-old guitarist who said this while addressing her fellow housemates in a campaign, tstated that she wants to be a source of inspiration to young girls.

Debie-Rise also disclosed that her father who is a pastor called the organizers of the reality television show to pull her out of the programme.

She said, “I ran away from the house to be here because there is something I believed in. I just wanted to be more famous. Not for my self but for other people around me. The shocking part is ‘popsy’ actually called that I should be removed from here.

“He did call the organisers of this event, though I’m not supposed to say all of this but I was able to say a few words to convince him.

“All I can say is, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but I just want to prove a point, I want this passion, career of mine to be an inspiration to girls and people who have dreams.”

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