Bashiru Adeyanju,a 55-yr-old man has confessed at a Magistrates’ Court in Ekiti state he and two other,native doctors ganged up and raped his daughter because he wanted to become wealthy.
Bashiru confessed to raping the girl nine times after he was arrested on the 11th of September but he kept saying he and native doctors raped the teenage 17-yr-old.Bashiru could not stop ranting as he was the only one charged to court.He said;“We were three people that committed this crime, but I’m surprised that I was the only one police charged to court.”.The magistrate assured him that the remaining two would be court and brought to court.Bashiru said he uses a white handkerchief to clean his daughter’s va*gina after he has s*ex with her as he was told by the native doctors.Bashiru was remanded in prison as the case is being adjourned till October 12.

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