opc member burnt alive ikorodu

Ishawo area of Ikorodu has turned into a ghost community after Sunday’s killing of 12 people including a soldier and 4 policemen by gunmen who reportedly entered the area through the creek.

Few residents were outside their homes counting their losses as all shops on Ishawo road were locked up.

Bodies of the slain security operatives and an unidentified civilian were said to have been taken to Ikorodu General Hospital for autopsy.

Here is what a resident told reporters yesterday:


Community leaders yesterday alleged that OPC members in the area issued a warning to residents to relocate their families to avoid collateral damages..

There was no security presence. Neither the police nor soldiers were sighted in the area at the time of visit.
The planned attack by the OPC was said to have been premised on the murder of Osazie, who was their member. He was said to have been burnt alive by the militants.

According to a source, the OPC members said they would raid the entire Ikorodu and flush out known militants’ informants.

He said:

“Most people have fled not just because of the militants but because of the revenge the OPC members are planning. They have been meeting since Sunday and have vowed to kill the militants and their informants. They claimed to know their informants across Ikorodu.
“So, a lot of people are scared because the clash would be massive. That’s why people are relocating.”

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