A kidnapper arrested in a village in Niger state recently has confessed.

The suspect, Yusuf Adamu said lack of money to start cattle business made him to join a kidnap gang.

He said he was tired of rearing goats, cattle and sheep for another person and wanted to have his own, adding that he joined abductors because he heard people made money from kidnapping.

His confession:

“The goats and sheep I reared belonged to another person and I needed money to start my own business. That was why I joined kidnappers.

“After operations, I was advised by a member of the gang to leave, but I refused because a lot of people are making money from kidnapping. I was desperate to start my business.”

“I did not tell my wife that I kidnap and there is possibility that at the end of this matter, she will divorce me. l am finished”.

The suspect was caught after a victim reported to the police that Adamu and his gang invaded his home, killed his son and kidnapped two others.

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