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Main page > GOODS > Commercial building printing inks, foil for hot stamping and auxiliary materials

Commercial building printing inks, foil for hot stamping and auxiliary materials

Commercial building printing inks, foil for hot stamping and auxiliary materials

Hot stamping can be an efficient plastic part decoration method that achieves high-end results. Like pad printing, when important graphics or critical product information is accommodated during the design phase, quicker production and lower costs are realized. Hot stamping is used to decorate raised areas, also known as tipping, where a heated die applies pressure to a hot stamping foil that is pressed against the plastic part. Foils are available in a multitude of colors and finishes ranging from matte to high gloss and specialty foils including holographic and metallic.

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Welcome to ThinkWithInk. The one place where you are truly a valued customer. At ThinkWithInk. Whether it is the impression you portray to your customers through quality prints or the five thousand impressions of a brochure that you need to have by Thursday for an important marketing campaign. Not A Member? Forgotten Password. Acid Resist - An acid-proof protective coating applied to metal plates prior to etching.

Acid-free Paper - Papermade from pulp containing little or no acid so it resists deterioration from age. Also called alkaline paper, archival paper, neutral pH paper, permanent paper and thesis paper. Additive Color - color produced by light falling onto a surface, as compared to subtractive color. The additive primary colors are red, green and blue. Adobe Acrobat - A popular software program for the conversion of documents into the portable document file PDF format.

Through Acrobat or another PDF, users can read electronic versions of printed documents that maintain the attributes bold and italic type and other formatting choices assigned to a printed original.

Against the Grain - At right angles to the grain direction of the paper being used, as compared to with the grain. Also called across the grain and cross grain. Ai - Adobe Illustrator file format, which is actually a type of Encapsulated Postscript Airbrush - Pen-shaped tool that sprays a fine mist of ink or paint to retouch photos and create continuous-tone illustrations.

Aliasing - A jagged or "staircase" effect in a raster image, caused by an insufficient number of image samples. Alpha channel - An eight-bit channel reserved by some image-processing applications for masking or retaining additional color information. Alteration - Any change made by the customer after copy or artwork has been given to the service bureau, separator or printer.

The change could be in copy, specifications or both. Anodized Plate - An offset printing plate having a treated surface in order to reduce wear for extended use. Anti-offset Powder - Fine powder lightly sprayed over the printed surface of coated paper as sheets leave a press. Also called dust, offset powder, powder and spray powder. Antique Paper - Roughest finish offered on offset paper.

Aqueous Coating - Coating in a water base and applied like ink by a printing press to protect and enhance the printing underneath. Artifact - A visible defect in an electronic image, caused by limitations in the reproduction process hardware or software. Aliasing patterns are an example of artifacts. Artwork - All original copy, including type, photos and illustrations, intended for printing. Also called art. Author's Alterations AA's - At the proofing stage, changes the client requests to be made concerning the original art provided.

AA's are considered an additional cost to the client usually. Back edge - The left-hand edge of a recto, or right hand edge of a verso. This is normally the binding edge.

Back lining - A paper or fabric adhering to the backbone or spine in a hard cover book. Back Split - Process where the fabricator slits the release liner for easy removal from the PSA by hand. Back Up - 1 To print on the second side of a sheet already printed on one side. Backbone - The exposed part of a bound volume when shelved. Also called spine and shelf back.

Backing roll - Cylinder used to support the web as a process is being applied to the opposite side. Some processes are: brush polishing, coating, and calendering. Backing up - Printing the reverse side of a sheet already printed on one side.

Backtrapping - See Piling. Bad break - In composition, the setting of a hyphenated line as the first line of a page. Also, starting a page with a "widow". Baloney Slitting - The common method of slitting pressure sensitive tapes, producing rolls per step or per cycle.

Also referred to as lathe slitting, lever or single-knife cutting. This process features quick-setup and economical per-slit cost. Baltic die boards - Die lumber, usually birch, from the area of the Baltic Sea.

Banding - Method of packaging printed pieces using paper, rubber, or fiberglass bands. Bank - One successive row of staggered tabs from first to last position. Barrier coating - A coating film that prevents or limits the passage of substances such as: oil, grease, water, or oxygen. Base - Often used in referring to a full strength ink or toner.

Generally refers to the major ingredient used in a clear lacquer, varnish or ink. May refer to either the solvent or binder system. A cylinder before it is engraved. Base film before addition of coating. Base Art - Copy pasted up on the mounting oard of a mechanical, as compared to overlay art.

Also called base mechanical. Base negative - Negative made from copy pasted to mounting board, not overlays. Basic Size - The standard size of sheets of paper used to calculate basis weight in the United States and Canada. Basis Weight - Weight in pounds of sheets a ream of paper cut to a given standard size this is called the basis size, and varies depending on the grade of paper.

Baud rate - Number of bits of information transmitted per second from one digital device to another. Bearers - In photoengraving, the dead metal left on a plate to protect the printing surface when molding in composition, type-high slugs locked up inside a chase to protect the printing surface when molding.

In presses, the flat surfaces or rings at the ends of cylinders that come in contact with each other during printing on American presses , and serve as a basis for smoothing out printing thickness. Also die-cutting presses. Beater-Dyed - The process of using paper pulp, dyed to a match color, to create colored paper. Beers Box - A pop-up style box that folds flat. Beersplex Box - A combination of a Beers box and a simplex box construction.

Bend - Other than straight, to any degree or angle, fold, break, bend, etc. Benday - Alternate term for Screen tint. Bender - A bench tool used to form cutting or creasing rule. Bending dies - Small dies that insert in a bender to produce desired shapes.

Bending rules - The process of curving the cutting rule in forming dies to the shape and dimensions desired. Bending, Die steels - The process of curving the steel in freehand forming dies to shape dimensions desired.

Bevels - To form a sloping or slanting edge, container, part, or rules. Bimetal plate - In lithography, a plate used for long runs in which the printing image base is usually copper and the non-printing area is aluminum, stainless steel, or chromium. Bind - Usually in the book arena, but not exclusively, the joining of leafs or signatures together with either wire, glue or other means. Binder - A book-like device used to hold a quantity of sheets, commonly loose-leaf paper.

Binders can either be temporary or permanent, the former allowing the easy removal and insertation of sheets, the latter not. Binder's board - Very stiff paper board used to make covers of case bound books.

Bindery - Usually a department within a printing company responsible for collating, folding and trimming various printing projects. Binding - Binding and finishing are activities performed on printed material after printing. Binding slip - A sheet of instructions sent to the bindery with each volume, specifying the binding requirements for that particular volume.

Bit - In computers, the basic unit of digital information; contraction of Binary digit. Bit map - In computer imaging, the electronic representative of a page, indicating the positions of every possible spot zero or one. Bitmap - An image represented by an array of picture elements, each of which is encoded as one or more binary digits. Black liquor - The spent chemicals obtained from the kraft chemical pulping process. Black Printer - The plate during the prepress printing process that is used with the cyan, magenta and yellow printers to enhance the contrast and to emphasize the neutral tones and detail in the final reproduction shadow areas.

Black-and-white - Originals or reproductions in single color, as distinguished from multicolor. Blank - Category of paperboard ranging in thickness from 15 to 48 points. Blanket - Rubber-coated pad, mounted on a cylinder of an offset press, that receives the inked image from the plate and transfers it to the surface to be printed. Blanket cylinder - Cylinder of a press on which the blanket is mounted.

Blanking die - This die type is covered here because it employs a form of steel rule, although it is used to convert metal.

Normally, the die is made of two parts: the top female section, of steel rule set into dense material, sometimes maple plywood; the bottom section male , a hardened plate which mates with the inside line of the top section to form a shearing effect on the materials being cut.

This die is also known as a shearing die, stamping die or metal blanking die. Bleach manilla lined news - Clean, white top liner containing some ground wood on chipboard, news bottom liner.

Bleaching - The process of chemically treating pulp fibers to reduce or remove coloring matter so that the whiteness or brightness of the pulp is increased. Bleed - A printed color or image that runs off the trimmed edge of the paper, achieved by printing a larger area and trimming off the excess. The bleed also refers to the area that will later be trimmed.

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SUBSTANCE: invention is related to printing industry, in particular to production of packing and promotion materials, where foil stamping operations are used. External surface of material is selectively coated with layer of low-viscosity adhesion primer along image area, then is quickly radiated with infrared radiation flux, afterwards foil and material is subjected to power and temperature effect by hot stamp. The invention relates to the printing industry, in particular the production of packaging and promotional products that use transactions foil. Such a finishing operation gives printed products more attractive, improves its appearance and protects from external influences. The traditional method of hot stamping foil, which foil is superimposed on the surface of the material, and then subjected to pressure and temperature effects hot stamp, which contributes to its consolidation through adhesive interactions with the substrate [1]. As a substrate for stamping used in printing paper, cardboard and binding materials.

Method for hot foil stamping of materials with high parametre of surface roughness

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AA's are usually charged to a client as billable time.

Supplier Location:. Supplier Types: Trade Assurance. Gold Plus Supplier. Minimum Order: OK. Add to Compare. Acrylic emulsion for HDPE and aluminum foil printing ink coating. Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co.

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General building contractors who combine a special trade with the contracting are included in this major group. Specialized activities that are covered here include grading for highways and airport runways; guardrail construction; installation of highway signs; trenching; underwater rock removal; and asphalt and concrete construction of roads, highways, streets and public sidewalks. Establishments primarily engaged in specialized activities that may be performed on buildings or on other heavy construction projects are classified in Major Group These include contractors primarily engaged in painting including bridge painting and traffic lane painting , electrical work including work on bridges, power lines, and power plants , and carpentry work.

Photopolymer Plates Amazon. Roll Akua Intaglio over entire image and plate using a soft rubber brayer.

Welcome to ThinkWithInk. The one place where you are truly a valued customer. At ThinkWithInk. Whether it is the impression you portray to your customers through quality prints or the five thousand impressions of a brochure that you need to have by Thursday for an important marketing campaign. Not A Member? Forgotten Password. Acid Resist - An acid-proof protective coating applied to metal plates prior to etching. Acid-free Paper - Papermade from pulp containing little or no acid so it resists deterioration from age.

Nov 12, - PDF | Hot-foil printing method is one of the post-printing methods Typical commercial coating formulations in the coated layer where printing consumables such as ink, foil stamping, varnish, The stamping layer manufactured using pigments, metal powder and auxiliary auxiliary materials (Table 3).

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You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website. Premium Members. Listing Type. Umur printing group added roll products to its portfolio in and with new investments into the field has succeeded in building turkey largest roll product complex. Roll production prints are produced with 8-colour machines in superb quality.

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Come and meet the new generation of UV inks and coatings. It's genuinely impressive: NewV from the huber group. A unique family of UV inks that offers a multitude of advantages: fresh, intensive colours, excellent flow properties, consistently high quality - you name it At the same time, NewV is suitable for use with a multitude of different substrates and printing processes, from offset, letterpress and flexo through to hybrid printing. At last, there's now a single product series on the market that lets you master almost all UV jobs: the huber group's NewV series. NewV inks and coatings have been formulated keeping in mind the latest developments in UV technology. Working hand in hand with our clients, partners and technicians, we have listened to all their ideas and desires and incorporated them into this new ink generation. This means you can be certain to have a fully perfected and comprehensive UV ink system for your print production.

Photopolymer Plates Amazon

This film is used for laminating all kinds of printed and non printed paper. It offers excellent resistance to scuff marks and scratches, which may develop during handling and transportation. The matte surface of the film is ideal for post laminating procedures such as UV spot coating, hot foil stamping, embossing etc.

Bottle Cap Printing Machine. Our online selections of containers and closures is extensive and priced right so that you are getting the best selection of products at the best prices. Adopt environmental protection code design, convenient, health, clean,ink is put in the cartridge and not easy leakage, not easy to dry, save the inks, solution and so on printing consumables, using the disc pad printing steel plate, increased the preset information Automatic vibrator can be used to.

You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website. Premium Members. Listing Type.

Automated packaging production lines, integration packaging production lines, industrial robots palletizers, sorters, cartons, container transportation equipment, stackers, demolition machines , and others;. Palletizing machines, strapping machines, cartoning machines, shrink packaging machines, automatic packing machines, sealing machines, container machinery, skin packaging machines, packaging machines, counting machines, etc. Sealing machinery, wrapping machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, aseptic packaging machinery, molding-filling-sealing packaging machine, filling machinery, metering and filling machinery, etc.

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