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Units produce equipment, installations, complexes, equipment for emergency rescue operations

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Posted on Mon, Nov 25, The purpose of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan SWPPP is to identify potential stormwater pollution sources and guide facilities to reduce the potential for pollutants reaching nearby waterways. BMPs may include:. Facilities are not required to have structural best management practices implemented prior to a permit application for permit coverage. According to the requirements, a facility has one year from the time of submitting a permit application to implement structural best practices.

However, the EPA recommends installing structural best management practices as soon as possible. There are 3 main categories of BMPs. These include:.

The following questions can assist in the evaluation of potential BMPs and implementation:. The SWPPP should include this as a standard practice at the facility and a map should identify the covered storage areas. Provide an inspection and maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment that is identified.

With proper training, facility personnel can properly manage stormwater and protect it from contamination. A grassy swale, infiltration trench, or a constructed wetland may provide adequate infiltration for all or most stormwater events.

However, when stormwater has become contaminated with pollutants such as oil and grease, treatment may be required before infiltration. Careful attention to pond dimensions and design is necessary to accommodate major storms and provide adequate settling. Posted on Mon, Nov 04, On September 27, , the U.

Once finalized, the new permit will replace the document, which was issued for a five-year term on September 29, A general permit applies the same or similar conditions to all dischargers covered under the general permit. Four states Idaho, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Mexico , Indian lands, and several territories do not have their own federally approved storm water permitting programs. Within these areas, entities that are subject to industrial storm water discharge regulations are required to apply to the EPA to obtain coverage under the MSGP.

The MSGP covers 29 different industrial sectors with specific and varying compliance requirements. The EPA proposes the following:. Those subject to the MSGP should carefully review the proposed requirements, as well as the sector-specific requirements that apply to their industry to ensure comprehension of the changes.

Formal comments on the proposed draft will be accepted through November 26, Posted on Thu, Oct 31, From September 9 through September 13, , a series of heavy storms settled over parts of Colorado, bringing flash floods and widespread destruction. Over the five-day period, parts of Boulder County received over 17 inches of rain, with an unprecedented 12 inches of rain occurring in one day. Rain totals in numerous Denver suburbs exceeded 20 inches, compounding the havoc from the storms.

The catastrophic event created swollen rivers and flash flooding that cut off towns, destroyed homes, crumbled transportation infrastructures, ravaged sewer lines, and damaged oil and gas production facilities. As a result of the flooding, the local oil and gas industry was forced into flood disaster management mode. Many oil and gas wells and facilities were shut-in to reduce potential impact to the environment, however the force of the flooding caused thousands of gallons of oil to be spilled.

Experts believe the release totals are likely to rise, as state oil and gas commission inspectors evaluate additional areas affected by flooding. Alan Gilbert, a director at the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, stated that regulators were examining their response to the disasters. We'll look at what worked and what didn't work.

However, the extent of the flooding has highlighted effective mitigation measures. Hock told The Daily Sentinel that fences are typically installed on well pads when operations are located in densely populated areas.

While Encana did sustain damage from the flooding, the damage was limited at the Front Range facility because the fences kept out floating debris. The Compliance Plan includes start-up procedures, certification that the procedures have been completed, and submission of a Notice of Start-up. The following COGCC recommended start-up procedures could be utilized as a guide for restoring operations after a flooding incident has occurred.

Note: Site-specific operations may dictate specialized start-up procedures and applicable regulatory compliance requirements. Fluid Inventory. Posted on Thu, Jul 11, The topic of severe weather and its devastating impacts continues to dominate the news headlines. Prior to forecasts and potential destructive weather patterns, companies should evaluate scenario-specific response plans in order to be prepared for naturally occurring threats.

Severe weather, including derechos powerful and extended straight line wind storms , flash-flooding, hail, tornadoes, and tropical storms can be destructive for typical business operations. Scenario-specific response plans , in conjunction with a business continuity plan, can ensure the safety of employees and company viability in the aftermath of severe storms.

When assessing risk and activation of a plan, the facility supervisor must be informed of the type of severe weather, forecasted possibilities, and potential timing of impact. If ample time is allotted, implementation of a plan may begin with activation phases.

This allows for basic facility preparations to occur prior to being susceptible to weather hazard s. Facilities should not institute exterior preparations once severe weather is imminent. If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, outdoor activities should be terminated and employees moved to safety immediately.

Both large and small businesses can benefit from instituting mitigation measures and training efforts prior to the high-risk months. Possible planning and mitigation efforts include, but are not limited to:. A simple checklist can be incorporated into severe weather plans that minimize the impacts of these events. Establishing strategies to help cope with natural disasters, such as severe storms, can limit harm, financial losses, maintain business continuity, and enable a timely recovery.

Posted on Thu, May 30, No two crisis situations or responses are identical. As a result, Emergency Managers and Environmental Health and Safety EHS Managers responsible for developing and managing comprehensive, compliant, and functional response plans should create a broad scope of planned responses for potential emergency and crisis situations. In many circumstances, response efforts to various incidents may be similar. However, supplemental response procedures for specific hazards or threats can be added to the overall emergency management program to address these scenarios.

Focused supplemental response procedures or plans, for specific events such as pandemic flu and hurricanes can encompass a full range of hazards and potential threats and unique response details that apply to that single hazard. Depending upon response plan structure and volume of content, hazard-specific information may be included within an all-hazards response plan, or created as a stand-alone plan. Hazard or incident-specific plans should include the same level of detail as the basic response plan, including, but not limited to:.

Just as in the primary response plan, a planning team may use supporting documents as necessary to clarify the contents of the incident specific plan. These supporting documents can include hazard specific aerial photographs, facility maps, checklists, resource inventories, and summaries of critical information. Supplemental response plans may include, but are not limited to:. Below are examples of potential supplemental response plans.

Theses plans should be aligned with site-specific company facilities and personnel details. The planning development stage must include the identification of potential site specific hazards, and the critical responses necessary to respond to those hazards.

To ensure consistency, it is a best practice for hazard-specific plans to follow the same layout and organizational format as the main response plan.

This allows for familiarity and continuity, which enables the information to be identified and disseminated in a timely manner. Best practices also dictate that plans be developed during normal operational conditions, prior to any threatened outbreak.

Training on the specific response plans allows for a complete understanding of assigned responsibilities and processes if an actual incident were to occur. Posted on Mon, Apr 01, Spring brings warmer weather and longer days, but it also brings a variety of weather conditions that can result in heavy rains and flooding.

Floods are one of the most common hazards across the United States. They can develop slowly over a few hours or days, leaving ample time to prepare and implement established flood procedures. However, flash floods can develop within minutes from intense rainfall, tropical storms and their remnants, or dam failures several miles upstream from a facility.

Facilities must have an established and exercised flood emergency response plan in order to minimize the potential impact on life, the environment, and business operations. Monitoring water levels allows companies to determine the likelihood of flooding resulting from local conditions, and enables prompt and accurate response decisions.

In addition, FloodSmart. Developing a flood emergency plan can prepare employees and facilities before, during, and after a flood to minimize health and safety impacts. The following flood planning tips can be implemented to minimize risks to your business or industrial facility:.

Posted on Thu, Dec 06, Natural hazards have a tendency to be location specific. However, images of the devastation left behind by these events are widespread. Unfortunately, many companies and their employees believe such disasters will not happen to them and fail to plan for plausible business disruption. This statistic is not uncommon. However, every year, rivers overflow their banks, high winds break treetops and tear away roofs, and power outages leave entire areas in the dark.

Despite the likelihood of a business disrupting natural disaster, many companies do not implement a Business Continuity Plan. Earthquakes and hurricanes are persistent and ingrained in location-specific cultures. Changing weather patterns, unprecedented seismic activity, strong winds and tropical rainfall impact many communities.

Threats from extreme weather, wildfires, and flooding can affect any business in any location. The below graphic from the Institute for Business and Home Safety demonstrates the potential risks of naturally occurring events across the United States.

These natural events can result in the loss or temporary disruption of key business resources including:. While natural weather events are not avoidable, companies may limit damage, loss, or prolonged interruption to key business resources with mitigation measures and business continuity planning. A detailed company identification and evaluation of critical business processes should be performed as an integral part of a business continuity plan. Subsequent continuity plans should include procedures for the prevention of loss or restoration of operations.

Posted on Mon, Nov 25, The purpose of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan SWPPP is to identify potential stormwater pollution sources and guide facilities to reduce the potential for pollutants reaching nearby waterways. BMPs may include:.

Applied services for the provision of daily operations and activities of the Russian Internal Affairs Units centralized data processing system routine services. Applied services for the provision of daily operations and activities of the Russian Internal Affairs Units centralized data processing system auxiliary services. Technical means and facilities for operational-investigative and operational-technical activities:. Other types of operational-investigative activities and criminal intelligence equipment. Equipment and facilities for the implementation of technical operational activities and procedures:. Devices and facilities for covert recording interception of communication channels information.

HeliRussia 2019: Results

The systems of substation auxiliaries ensure operation of substations providing internal consumers of substations with operating direct and alternating currents. Any breakdown loss of auxiliary systems causes shutdown of the whole substation, as well as serious problems during its subsequent putting into operation. So, at development of the systems of substation auxiliaries, one should be governed by selection of reliable and high-quality electrical equipment. Main scope of works performed by BPA under those projects included:. Department of Control Instrumentation and Field Equipment fulfils the tasks of engineering, selection and supply of control instrumentation, shutoff and control valves, auxiliary electrical apparatus and base constructions.

The Prirazlomnoye Project

HeliRussia was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation , the expo was held on the initiative and with the support of the Helicopter Industry Association. The event is executed by the Russian Exhibition Systems. The title sponsor of the exhibition was again the Russian Helicopters. This year the exhibition got support from the financial sector: Promsvyazbank became its official sponsor, and VTB Bank was a strategic partner of the expo. This expo is very prestigious — it attracts attention of a wide audience to the helicopter industry and strengthens the position of the Russian Federation as one of the world leaders in the helicopter industry. This year HeliRussia demonstrated a high level of organization and confirmed its authoritative status.

Occupational Outlook Handbook. U S Dept of Labor.

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Your Solution for SMART Response Plans

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The systems of substation auxiliaries ensure operation of substations providing internal independent power supply source (as a rule, it is a diesel generator unit), services cabinets, control current distribution cabinets, DC panels and complex ODVS,. - completing with components and supply of auxiliaries equipment.

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