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Units space optical observation devices and sights

Senop NVG M40 is a lightweight and compact high-performance night vision monocular. The M40 utilizes high-precision glass optics along with the latest composite material technology in order to gain high levels of usability and performance for soldiers in demanding battlefield conditions. VVLITE is a lightweight monocular night vision goggle which can be used as a self-contained pocket scope or can be mounted to helmet, head or weapon. VV3X is a night vision sight equipped with 3X magnifying optics. VV3X is suitable for use with both light and heavy arms, as well as weapons systems and missile systems.

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Telescopic sight

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Free Space Optical Communication

Sign In View Cart 0 Help. Share Email Print. Volume Details. Table of Contents. Demiguel ; T. Gilbert; J. Canaud; A. Artinian; M. Wilson Show Abstract. This project demonstrates an approved technological design for high or multi-spectral resolution spaceborne instruments.

DLR OS and BAE Systems were driving the technology of new detectors and the FPA design for future projects, new manufacturing accuracy in order to keep pace with ambitious scientific and user requirements. The combination of large swath and high-spectral resolution with intelligent control applications and new focal plane concepts opens the door to new remote sensing and smart deep space instruments.

A novel radiation hard pixel design for space applications Author s : A. Aurora ; V. Marochkin; T. Tuuva Show Abstract. In between the MIG and the channel of the FET there is depleted semiconductor material forming a potential barrier between charges in the channel and similar type signal charges located in the MIG.

The signal charges in the MIG have a measurable effect on the conductance of the channel. The radiation hardness of the proposed double MIGFET structure stems from the fact that interface related issues can be considerably mitigated. In addition, the backside illuminated thick fully depleted pixel design results in low crosstalk due to lack of diffusion and good quantum efficiency from visible to Near Infra-Red NIR light. These facts result in excellent Signal-to-Noise Ratio SNR and very low crosstalk enabling thus excellent image quality.

The simulation demonstrates the charge to current conversion gain for source current read-out to be 1. Minoglou ; D. San Segundo Bello ; D. Sabuncuoglu Tezcan ; L. Haspeslagh; J. Van Olmen; B. Merry; C. Cavaco; F. Mazzamuto; I. Moirin; M. Brouwer ; M. Toccafondi; G. Preti; M. Rosmeulen; P. De Moor Show Abstract. An essential requirement on this supply chain is the platformization of the process modules, in particular when it comes to very specific processing steps, such as those required for the manufacturing of backside illuminated image sensors.

Imec has been leading the imager chip design and the front side and backside processing. LASSE, as a major player in the laser annealing supplier sector, has been focusing on the optimization of the process related to the backside passivation of the image sensors. TNO, known worldwide as a top developer of instruments for scientific research, including space research and sensors for satellites, has contributed in the domain of optical layers for space instruments and optimized antireflective coatings.

Finally, Selex ES, as a world-wide leader for manufacturing instruments with expertise in various space missions and programs, has defined the image sensor specifications and is taking care of the final device characterization. In this paper, an overview of the process flow, the results on test structures and imagers processed using this platform will be presented. Multispectral filters assemblies for earth remote sensing imagers Author s : R.

Le Goff; H. Krol ; C. Lequime ; T. Hecquet ; M. Zerrad ; B. Badoil; G. Montay; K. Gasc Show Abstract. With the aim to expand its capability to offer state-of-the-art space qualified multispectral optical filters assemblies, Sodern continues its effort to evaluate and incorporate new technologies in its designs. For many years, Sodern has been developing complex optical devices incorporating spectral filters. Begou ; H. Krol ; Christophe Hecquet ; C.

Bondet; J. Lumeau ; C. Lequime Show Abstract. We present hereafter the results on the fabrication of complex optical filters within the Institut Fresnel in close collaboration with CILAS. Bandpass optical filters dedicated to astronomy and space applications, with central wavelengths ranging from ultraviolet to near infrared, were deposited on both sides of glass substrates with performances in very good congruence with theoretical designs.

For these applications, the required functions are particularly complex as they must present a very narrow bandwidth as well as a high level of rejection over a broad spectral range. In addition to those severe optical performances, insensitivity to environmental conditions is necessary. For this purpose, robust solutions with particularly stable performances have to be proposed. Absorbing coating in magnetron sputtering for parasitic light reduction Author s : C.

Krol ; G. Chauveau; D. Stojcevski; C. Bondet de la Bernardie; M. Zerrad ; S. Liukaityte ; M. Lequime ; C. Amra ; P. Etcheto ; I. Savin De Larclause; M. Tatat Show Abstract. Stray light is an important issue in optical systems and may be responsible for huge limitation of final performances.

Use of black coated surfaces is known to be an efficient means to reduce such parasitic light sources and various solutions exist that can be applied to mechanical surfaces such as black paints or black anodization; these coatings are relatively thick and to produce thin, black baffle edges, a thin layer technology is thus needed.

In this paper, we show how thin film multilayer coatings can be a solution to answer this problematic as it is possible to design accurate spectral response that present a very low level of reflectance with a zero value of transmittance. Valette; G. Chauveau; C. Costes; I. Savin de Larclause; K. Gasc; F. Lemarquis Show Abstract. Today high angular resolution telescopes for space observation satellites require primary mirrors with larger and larger dimensions.

For such mirrors, high-performance silver coating is required and is a key part of the component. For more than 20 years, CILAS has developed an expertise in the field of thin film optical coatings in order to answer a wide range of spectral performances and produce high quality thin film coatings. Among the various coating technologies that may answer such demand, magnetron sputtering is particularly well-suited to produce dense layers with improved mechanical performances and a high level of uniformity.

Bode; M. Alpers; B. Millet; G. Ehret; P. Flamant Show Abstract. For a prediction of the rate of climate change during the 21 st century, there is an urgent need to better understand the global carbon cycle, in particular the processes that control the carbon flows between the various reservoirs, and their interactions with the climate system.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide CO 2 represents the main atmospheric phase of this biogeochemical cycle. Current 2-? Dumas; F. Gibert ; J. Rothman ; D.

Firearms Safety. A firearm is a tool.

Lidar, light detection and ranging, using lasers is an active remote sensing technique that has become an important backbone for atmospheric and land surface remote sensing. Currently, we anticipate a golden age for lidar in space. Aeolus, the first European lidar mission and the first spaceborne lidar to measure global winds, was launched by ESA on 22 August, The first paper in this volume describes a satellite laser ranging SLR application.

Electro Optic Systems

A telescopic sight , commonly called a scope , is an optical sighting device that is based on a refracting telescope. Telescopic sights are used with all types of systems that require accurate aiming but are most commonly found on firearms , particularly rifles. Other types of sights are iron sights , reflector reflex sights , and laser sights. The optical components may be combined with optoelectronics to form a night scope. The first experiments directed to give shooters optical aiming aids go back to the early 17th century. For centuries different optical aiming aids and primitive predecessors of telescopic sights were created that had practical or performance limitations.

US7146105B1 - MEMS-based optical wireless communication system - Google Patents

Sign In View Cart 0 Help. Share Email Print. Volume Details. Table of Contents. Demiguel ; T. Gilbert; J.

Precision optics specialists are working hard to provide law enforcement and military organisations with a technological advantage over adversaries.

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Free-space optical communication

This application claims the benefit of Provisional Application No. The invention pertains to the general field of free space optical communication systems and more particularly to an optical, wireless communication system that incorporates a MEMS mirror. The MEMS mirror compensates for mechanical movement and atmospheric aberrations to provide a stable optical transmission and receiving system.

Laser communication is highly available and what is more: It is jam-resistant. For civilian applications, there is no other way to blast through the data bottleneck and transcend the gigabit barrier. The future of data transfer is photonic.

Compact, light, robust and easy to use, they have the full benefit of the latest optronics technology, resulting from Safran's know-how in the Defense sector. NiteSpotMR easily attaches to the front of a day-sight objective and can be rapidly removed when not in use. NiteSpotMR's optional white phosphorus image intensifier tubes ONYX tubes provide the user with sharper details, crisper clarity and a more natural appearance — enabling the user to stay blended within the environment. SWORD Light easily engages targets in urban combat areas thanks to its red dot sight optional and its low-magnification wide-field thermal channel. The thermal channel's digital zoom ensures high firing accuracy in open areas under all conditions. SWORD Light is ergonomic and easy to use, integrating a remote control and quick access to essential functions. Powered by standard AA batteries, it offers maximum autonomy. The SWORD Medium thermal weapon sight, which is perfectly adapted to long-term observation, optimizes the accuracy and effectiveness of the weapon regardless of the firing conditions and constraints, however severe.

The unit may also be used as a hand-held observation device. CNVD-T to allow the mounting bracket sufficient space to fit over the MIL-STD rail. c. instructions, then mount the CNVD-T to the weapon rail (in front of the optical sight).


Free-space optical communication FSO is an optical communication technology that uses light propagating in free space to wirelessly transmit data for telecommunications or computer networking. This contrasts with using solids such as optical fiber cable. The technology is useful where the physical connections are impractical due to high costs or other considerations. Optical communications , in various forms, have been used for thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks used a coded alphabetic system of signalling with torches developed by Cleoxenus, Democleitus and Polybius. Bell considered it his most important invention. The device allowed for the transmission of sound on a beam of light.

Optronics Defence

ASELSAN does not only provide stand-alone products, but also provides integrated system solutions that uses the advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one compact and ergonomic design consisting of thermal camera, day camera, laser range finder, GPS, DMC and laser pointer, to fulfill the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges and provide critical information for engagements. Thanks to our high value-added electro-optic solutions, we provide the capabilities needed by air, naval, land and special forces. Thanks to the efficient, state-of-the-art and military standard design, ASELSAN electro optical products provide highest performance under day, night, severe weather and harsh battlefield conditions. ASELFLIR is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance and surveillance system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing airborne platforms, including Unmanned Air Systems UASs , helicopters and aircrafts, and maritime platforms. ASELPOD is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed specifically for fighter aircrafts. CATS is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing airborne platforms, including Unmanned Air Systems UASs , helicopters and aircrafts.

Wireless optical units are deployed in wlan slovenija network to form an ultra-fast connection between nodes. Built for testing the performance and reliability of wireless optical system KORUZA in order to enable further improvements, as well as for providing ultra-fast connectivity for direct collaboration for all involved. The network is deployed as a wireless mesh network with WiFi links serving as backup at approximately 20Mbps capacity and KORUZA links at 1 Gbps capacity, carrying the user data the majority of time, except when experimental alignment algorithms are tested. Units deployed on this location: irnas

We design, develop and manufacture optical, optronic and precision-engineered products for military, civil and security applications. These optronic products are used globally by armed forces and security personnel for monitoring, identification and classification purposes, as well as for highly precise measurement, evaluation, targeting and self-protection.

Please Call or email sales nitevis. The latest test results are listed below for your review. Notice how far you can see when all the right components are used.

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