Below are steps to follow to get her to want to know you better and give you her number.
1. Make her notice you: If you want to approach a woman in a room full of people, you should make sure she notice you are there first. Give her a chance to be aware of your presence. You can do this by catching her eye, doing something that can get her attention or offer to buy her a drink or something. Do not just simply get up and go for the kill, she is unlikely to warm up to you if you do.
2. Start with a compliment: A great way to get her in a better mood is to compliment her. Pay a honest compliment, not just the standard, “you look pretty” because you can bet she hears that a lot. What you want to do is stand out. Compliment something others might not notice. A beautiful watch, pendant, shoes, or something. This will peak her interest.
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