The actress made this statement when she was chatting SLickson correspondent at Moji Olaiya’s burial last week.
She said, “Her death was a really big  shock to me and everyone in and outside the industry. I never imagined this, I still spoke with her after she delivered her baby and I couldn’t believe it the day I read that she is no more.
I still can’t comprehend it, I can’t imagine that I will never see her again or hear her voice. Her death has taught me to be good. As human, we should all have it at the back of our heart that a day like this will come to pass in your life. We don’t have any other options than just to be good, because whatever people will say after you is very important.
A lot of people have been giving tributes about her and I tell you, that was the way Moji was. She never for one day saw herself as a celebrity, but it’s just unfortunate that she is gone. I am sure that everybody present here today could have learnt one or 2 things.
You don’t need a Pastor to tell you about  what happened today. Whatever people will say after you is very important and leaves a very good legacy. Don’t keep malice, love one another. It is very important because after this world, there is another one where we are going to give another  account of whatever we do on this planet. 
You know what, I am sure that a lot of people have died today but nobody is talking about them because they are not celebrities, but something happens to a famous person, the news will be everywhere but we just pray to God to put an end to this gory events taking place in our industry.