sadiq sule

Budding filmmaker, Sadiq Sule, has big plans for his latest production, Neighbours.

According to him, Neigbours would probably be the most interesting romantic comedy Nollywood has ever experienced since its existence. “It’s coming to the cinemas pretty soon. Everyone should wait for it,” he gushed.

It tells the story of a lady who invites her friends to come and stay with her. Some guys who are also tenants in the house show interest in the ladies, and in order to win the love of the best girl, they all resort to blackmailing and doing all sorts of things to each other, just to look good for the girls.

There are few emotional heartbreaks, but at the end of the day, all ends well with some of them marrying to each other.

The movie features talented cast including ‎IK Ogbonna, Chelsea Eze, Priscilla Austin and Sadiq Sule himself among others.

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