It Is Pure Homo-sexuality For A Girl To Kiss Another Girl’s Cheek – Nigerian Man Abdul Says

It Is Pure Homo-sexuality For A Girl To Kiss Another Girl’s Cheek – Nigerian Man Abdul Says

A ‘distraught’ Twitter user @i_sensed, took to the platform to slam ladies who kiss each other on the cheek

According the Arewa Twitter user, it is now a common thing for ladies to give each other a kiss on the cheek and it is pure homosexuality.

His tweet read;

I found this picture online with something common among our Arewa Girls.. FYI this is pure Homosexuality, immagine if it is a guy and a guy on the picture, the attention it will draw

Recall that we reported that few religious organisations are attempting to stop Rihanna’s upcoming visit to Senegal, because they believe she is promoting homosexuality for the Illuminati.

The 30 organisations, who are known as a group under the name ‘No To Freemasonry and Homosexuality’, said that Rihanna’s visit to the West African country must be prevented because of her ties to Freemasonry (illuminati) and her celebration of LGBTQ equality.

A spokesperson for the group, Cheikh Omar Diagne, told Jeune Africa that the musician should not have to hide her true identity as part of the conspiracy theory group.

“Rihanna doesn’t hide it: she’s part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons,” Diagne said.

The group, which is primarily Islamic, stated that on her trip she would be promoting homosexuality for the Freemasons, both of which they fundamentally disagree with, and so she not be given entry to the country.

Rihanna visit to the country is within her role as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education conference.
The conference, which is hosted by the French president Emmanuel Macron and Senegal President Macky Sall, will “mark the moment that momentum shifts globally on education and education financing,” said GPE President Julia Gillard.

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However, No To Freemasonry and Homosexuality claim that the conference is actually a coverup for a Freemasonry meeting.

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