Rita Dominic is a slayer: that is not news. Rita Dominic is a beauty: that is old news. What we can however call news is the fact that this ageless beauty will stay at the top of her game for a long time.

Rita Dominic

It is one thing to dress well, it is another to dress for the occasion. While some tend to overdress for most events, Rita knows when to use the frills, the bows and the blings!

Rita Dominic

We still cannot get over Rita Dominic’s look on Sunday to an event in Lagos. Simplicity at it’s peak yet totally gorgeous!

The actress had been simply dressed in a coutured Ankara beaded dress by Lanre Da Silva Ajayi!
She looked effortlessly chic and stunning at the same time!

When you are the boss, you are the boss! Rita Dominic is a boss when it comes to fashion!

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