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Production building chocolate and chocolate products

Candy Industry publishes an annual list of the top global confectionery companies, ranking them by net sales. The table below is an extract from this list, giving the top ten global confectionery companies that manufacture some form of chocolate, by net confectionery sales value in Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing their rights of, disadvantaged producers and workers - especially in the South FINE,

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Chocolate Making Equipment

A bean-to-bar company produces chocolate by processing cocoa beans into a product in-house, rather than merely melting chocolate from another manufacturer.

Some are large companies that own the entire process for economic reasons; others aim to control the whole process to improve quality , working conditions , or environmental impact. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Companies which produce chocolate from the beans. Food portal Lists portal. Retrieved 15 April Archived from the original on Retrieved Supply Chain Digest.

Companies by industry. Fitness wear Lingerie Sporting goods Swimwear. Chemical Oil and gas Oil exploration and production Oilfield service Public utilities Solar thermal power. Asset management Banks international investment Hedge funds Private equity Stock exchanges Venture capital.

Biotechnology Health club Pharmaceutical. Advertising technology Automation integrator Computer-aided design Computer hardware Computer systems Consumer electronics Electric-vehicle batteries Electronic design automation Enterprise search Flash memory controllers Information technology Photovoltaics Semiconductors Silicon Telecommunications. Airlines charter defunct holding low-cost passenger regional Bus Cruise lines Ferry Railway Ship automobile freight passenger.

Lists of companies. Outline History in Spain. Theobroma Theobroma cacao Theobroma grandiflorum Theobroma bicolor. Category Outline.

Categories : Chocolate companies Food- and drink-related lists Lists of manufacturers Food industry-related lists. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism Articles with short description All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read View source View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ah Cacao Real Chocolate. Artisan producer of dark chocolate and related products made of Mexican cacao.

Supports wildlife conservation. Amano Artisan Chocolate. Founding member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America. Amedei is a luxury chocolate manufacturing company located in Pontedera in the Tuscany region of Italy. Single origin chocolate bars dark, dark milk, white , single origin natural cocoa powder , roasted cocoa nibs.

Utilizes direct trade, paying farmers above fair trade prices for cocoa beans and sharing profit with them. One of the only small-batch chocolate makers in the US to press their own cocoa butter. Acticoa, Alprose , Sarotti , Jacques. Large producer of couverture , used in many chocolate products. Blommer Chocolate Company. Chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, panned products, chocolate coatings, chocolate ingredients for the confectionery, pastry, and dairy industries.

It is a founding member of the World Cocoa Foundation , which works to support sustainable cocoa production. The product line includes organic and fair-trade products. They also own World's Finest Chocolate in Chicago. Bonnat Chocolatier is the oldest artisan producer of chocolate in the world, [ citation needed ] producing around tons per year. Bonnat was the first chocolate maker to create single-origin and single-estate chocolate bars.

Bonnat began exporting chocolate to the French colonies in Chocolate bars using single-origin cacao from Latin America , roasted cocoa nibs and truffles. Fine and organic cacao grown and made into chocolate in Madagascar, couverture, baking chocolate, chocolate bars, cacao butter, cacao nibs.

Cocoa Processing Company. Semi-finished products are sold under the Portem brand name to foreign markets. The Confectionery Factory manufactures chocolate confectionery namely, chocolate bars, chocolate spread, drinking chocolate and chocolate dragees.

The confectionery products are marketed under the brand name GoldenTree. Domori is a premium chocolate company headquartered near Turin.

Ethel M Chocolates. Ethel M. Chocolates is owned by Mars Inc. The company is named after the mother of Forrest Mars, Sr. The Karl Fazer Nordic Gourmet chocolates that were launched in combine the unique Nordic berries — lingonberry, blueberry, raspberry and cloudberry — with cocoa grown at the Equator.

Freia was made successful by Throne-Holst, who also founded Marabou. It was acquired in by Kraft Foods , which is now known as Mondelez. Acquired in by Migros ; 1 in popularity in Switzerland. Oldest chocolate factory in Denmark. Acquired in by Toms International. Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco is named after this chocolate-making family.

Guittard makes couverture chocolate using original formulas and traditional French methods, and supplies chocolate to See's Candies. Hershey ceased bean-to-bar manufacturing around or They produce only the Scharffen Berger from bean to bar.

A variety of chocolate bars and filled chocolates, collections of single origin and single plantation chocolate as well as a range of savoury cocoa products. Company began as an online only service, before moving into the retail market.

Hotel Chocolat has an "Engaged Ethics" program in St Lucia and Ghana, seeking to provide farmers with a fair price and necessary support. Lindt developed the conching process. Mast Brothers is a small manufacturer with flagships in Brooklyn, London, and most recently Los Angeles. Mayordomo is a producer of chocolate made from local cacao. Stores often will mix beans with other ingredients and grind it to customer specifications. Michel Cluizel has been a manufacturer of high-quality chocolate in the French town of Damville in Normandy since , and also has a store in Paris.

Mindo Chocolate Makers. Member of the Craft Chocolate Makers of America. A micro-batch bean to bar chocolate maker which ferments and roasts beans. Practices Direct Trade. Mondelez International. Independent producer of chocolate and chocolate products, focusing on the private label business. Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company. Raw whole beans, nibs, chocolate bars, baking chocolate, cocoa powder, cacao butter, and other chocolate covered products.

First chocolate company to receive biodynamic certification. Cacao is produced using fair trade practices in Ecuador. Products are certified Kosher and Organic.

Craft chocolate maker of bean-to-bar products. The product line includes dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, and chocolate bars with inclusions.

Winners of the Good Food Awards in the chocolate category. Baci chocolate, Italian chocolate, pernigotti gianduiotti, glacia mints, sorrento hard candy, spicchi hard candy, perugina glacia mints, perugina sorrento, lazzaroni cookies.

Rick Jordan Chocolatier. Scharffen Berger. Purchased by Hershey in ; the original Berkeley, CA factory closed in Owned since by Barry Callebaut. They also operated a museum—adjacent to the factory—in Cologne Germany. It is now operated by Lindt. Serbia , Macedonia , Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Founded in , headquartered in Belgrade , Serbia. Bean-to-bar chocolate factory. Has a program called TCHOSource where they partner with bean farmers to help them improve the quality of their crops and to process their beans more effectively.

Chocolate is a usually sweet, brown food preparation of roasted and ground cacao seeds that is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods. The earliest evidence of use traces to the Olmecs modern day Mexico , with evidence of chocolate beverages dating to BC. The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor.

Specifically, the market currently lacks:. Undoubtedly some will find these metrics and the calculations underlying them unsatisfying due to the above-referenced lack of standard definitions or inevitable quibbles around cherry-picked individual cases that do not match self-prescribed values. I plan to continue to refine and expand these numbers as better data becomes available over time. This is part of my own craft as an academic.

Chocolate production may be harming environment: Study

Members, log in to access Member-Only Section. FCIA was founded in by an international group of chocolate professionals who came together in support of the art of fine chocolate making. Recognizing the tremendous consumer interest and growth in the fine chocolate segment of the chocolate industry, the FCIA provides a collective voice of quality and innovation that promotes fine chocolate making practices from blossom to bonbon and bar. We believe in using best practices in cacao processing and chocolate production; and transparent labeling and marketing practices.

International Cocoa Organization

Offering a panoramic view of the history and culture of food and drink in America with fascinating entries on everything from the smell of asparagus to the history of White Castle, and the origin of Bloody Marys to jambalaya, the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink provides a concise, authoritative, and exuberant look at this modern American obsession. Ideal for the food scholar and food enthusiast alike, it is equally appetizing for anyone fascinated by Americana, capturing our culture and history through what we love most--food! Building on the highly praised and deliciously browseable two-volume compendium the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, this new work serves up everything you could ever want to know about American consumables and their impact on popular culture and the culinary world. Within its pages for example, we learn that Lifesavers candy owes its success to the canny marketing idea of placing the original flavor, mint, next to cash registers at bars. Patrons who bought them to mask the smell of alcohol on their breath before heading home soon found they were just as tasty sober and the company began producing other flavors. Edited by Andrew Smith, a writer and lecturer on culinary history, the Companion serves up more than just trivia however, including hundreds of entries on fast food, celebrity chefs, fish, sandwiches, regional and ethnic cuisine, food science, and historical food traditions. It also dispels a few commonly held myths.

In serial entrepreneur Nate Saal was at a chocolate tasting in Palo Alto, California, when it dawned on him that chocolate — like coffee, the other beloved "bean" from the equator — is something consumers could be making for themselves at home.

No matter whether you are a small scale artisan chocolate producer or seeking to implement an industrial-scale chocolate production facility, there are new technologies that can help you improve your product quality and production efficiency. Our partners are world-leading manufacturers of chocolate making equipment suited for all scales of production and servicing all parts of the chocolate market. Our range of equipment covers all aspects of chocolate making, from storage of raw ingredients through to tempering, enrobing, moulding and packaging. We can help you improve your production of chocolate enrobed bars, biscuits and cookies, chocolate tablets, chocolate hollow figures and chocolate pralines. We offer a wide range of equipment to help you produce your own chocolate, even as far as processing your own raw cocoa beans. Chocolate enrobing and depositing solutions: our partners manufacture a huge range of depositing and enrobing machines, allowing you to expand your product range without impacting on quality. We can advise on solutions for all aspects of confectionery making involving chocolate, including enrobing, depositing, mould-filling, and more.

Building a sustainable and efficient chocolate production line

We have committed to four bold targets that we expect to achieve by and that address the biggest sustainability challenges in the chocolate supply chain. These targets are daunting and we might not have all the answers on how to achieve them. But we are confident that we will reach them, working together with all those who have chocolate close to their hearts. Chocolate is a delicious product that brings joy to chocolate lovers.

Spread some Christmas cheer with this scrumptious Mulled Wine Chocolate cake. Recipe: Hand-rolled chocolates with a tea-twist to celebrate World Chocolate Day. This Christmas, tantalise your taste buds with dark chocolate, roasted turkey and pumpkin soup.

New Barry Callebaut manufacturing plant will supply the fast-growing food services industry in Brazil. The cocoa and chocolate products manufacturer Barry Callebaut opened a new chocolate manufacturing plant in Extrema, the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil on 27 May Production from the chocolate factory commenced in June. It is Barry Callebaut's first chocolate factory in South America and built as part of its strategy to supply the fast-growing food services industry in Brazil. The plant has a capacity of 20,t per year and is designed with the potential to double this using the same infrastructure. The plant produces white, milk, dark chocolate and compound and will supply them for industrial and artisanal supply, targeting the growing food-service sector in Brazil. The products will be distributed in the form of blocks of 1kg and up to 5kg and liquids will be delivered in tanks. In April , Barry Callebaut signed a distributive agreement with the agribusiness company Bunge to commercialise the products from the Extrema chocolate plant. Bunge serves about 25, points of sale in Brazil every day and is considered to be a first-choice partner for Brazil chocolate products. It has been built with state-of-the-art technology to offer maximum food safety and full production flexibility.

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is the only organization of the chocolate professional focused on producing superior products made Building partnerships to strengthen the value chain and preserve fine cacao varieties.

Barry Callebaut Chocolate Factory, Extrema, Brazil

Chocolate consumption has been on the rise for several decades, with the industry value chain spread across nearly all continents. This is due to multiple market factors, such as changes in consumer trends and increased competition. However, companies also face several difficulties that are associated with supply issues such as volatile commodity prices, risk of crop failure due to climate change, and the ever-increasing problems of child labor among cocoa producers. The issues, and ways to overcome them, rely entirely on the unique scenarios that producers, wholesalers and retailers face. Chocolate manufacturers need to implement best practices that are capable of overcoming challenges at each echelon, since a typical production process for producing chocolate consists of multiple phases. As the cocoa works its way through long supply lines and a careful manufacturing process, it is vital to identify some of the issues that have become critical factors for companies to operate in a safe and responsible manner. Before considering ways of boosting efficiency in their own process, companies need to ensure that their business practices are in line with the ethics that govern international trade. Over the years, most chocolate manufacturers have become increasingly dependent on West African countries for sourcing cocoa.

List of bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers

Due to their popularity more than 60 countries, approximately new cases are added to the Ivey School of Business library each year. These affordable collections will not only help students connect to real-world situations, but will benefit corporations seeking continued education in the field as well. Cases in Entrepreneurship: The Venture Creation Process is the first book to be based upon a cognitive framework of entrepreneurship. These cases are compatible with courses in Entrepreneurship, and New Venture Management at the undergraduate and MBA level in schools of business. The instructor's resources on CD-ROM includes detailed page casenotes for each case, preparation questions for students to review before class, discussion questions, and suggested further readings. Eric Morse is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at the Ivey School of Business, where he serves as the Executive Director of The Institute for Entrepreneurship. His principle areas of expertise include entrepreneurial strategy, corporate entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial cognition. Previously, at the University of Victoria, he was co-designer of the UVic Entrepreneurship Program, and also taught management consulting and the capstone strategy class for the MBA Program. Morse serves, or has served on the board of directors for several entrepreneurial start-ups and actively consults with both private and government enterprises. Morse's past work experience includes stints with Andersen Consulting and the Los Alamos National Laboratory - in their technology transfer office.

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A bean-to-bar company produces chocolate by processing cocoa beans into a product in-house, rather than merely melting chocolate from another manufacturer. Some are large companies that own the entire process for economic reasons; others aim to control the whole process to improve quality , working conditions , or environmental impact. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The royal cocoa fruit grows around the equator, on african plantations and exotic asian climes. Our technology allows you to take this unique crop and create the myriad flavors, aromas, textures and end products loved by so many. Our undisputed technological leadership has made us the number one supplier of solutions and machinery to the worldwide cocoa and chocolate industry. From single machines right through to entire production lines and fully integrated factory concepts - our production solutions deliver success in the chocolate industry.

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