See The Pig Farmer Who Killed 49 Prostitutes And Cut Their Bodies Into Pieces For Sale

See The Pig Farmer Who Killed 49 Prostitutes And Cut Their Bodies Into Pieces For Sale

A serial killer has revealed that he wanted to kill one more prostitute in order to round off the number of people that he killed.
Robert Pickton, 68, is still in prison for killing 49 women then grinding their remains into mince at his farm which he called ‘Piggy Palace’.
He then sold their remains to customers, including local policemen, before being arrested in February 2002. However, he revealed to undercover police that he thought he had been ‘sloppy’ because he didn’t manage to kill 50.
He said: ‘I made my own grave by being sloppy. Doesn’t that just kick you in the ass now?
‘I was gonna fucking do one more, make it even. I wanted one more to make the big 5-0’ he said.
Pickton was convicted of murdering six prostitutes in 2007 and sentenced to life in prison with no parole for at least 25 years.
He was also charged in another 20 deaths that had not gone to trial because the judge said they included materially different evidence from the other six counts.
Footage aired on CBS Reality looked into the killings and Pickton’s confessions to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who pretended to be a cellmate.
He told told cop: ‘They got me on this one… they’ve got DNA.’
The officer suggested disposing the body at sea and Pickton told him: ‘I did better than that… a rendering plant.
‘Only I was kinda sloppy at the end, too, getting too soppy. They go me, of fuck gettin’ too sloppy. I was gonna do one more, make it an even 50. That’s why, that’s why I was sloppy about. ‘I wanted one more, make, make the big 5-0.’
He ground his victim’s bodies down after killing them (BCTV-Vancouver/Canadian Press via AP, File)
He was convicted over the deaths of six women and held responsible for 20 others, but not prosecuted after DNA was found. Prosecutors said they would not pursue any more criminal proceedings against Pickton, including the 20 charges.
‘The (prosecution) had to carefully assess whether it was in the public interest to proceed on the remaining 20 counts, and the (Criminal Justice) Branch concluded it was not,’ Neil MacKenzie, a spokesman for the Crown, said outside court after the charges were formally stayed several years ago.
The ban included evidence that Pickton picked up a woman, whose name is still protected, in a gritty Vancouver neighbourhood and stabbed her on his farm in 1997.
The woman, a key witness in the prosecution’s case against Pickton, said the pig farmer put her in handcuffs and tried to kill her, with the two struggling in a knife fight that put both of them in hospital. She said she ran away, naked and bleeding profusely.
He was charged with attempted murder but the charges were stayed in 1998 before the case went to trial. Police had never thought to do forensics tests on his clothing. If they had, they would have directly linked him with two other prostitutes who had gone missing from Vancouver’s Eastside neighbourhood. Women continued to disappear from the destitute neighbourhood for another four years.
Jurors never heard the woman’s story. Police found widespread evidence on Pickton’s farm linked to the other 20 women he was charged with killing, but those details were kept from the jury because the judge ruled they would be heard during a separate trial.
That trial will not be held now that those charges have been stayed. Pickton and his brother used to throw parties at the hog farm in a barn they dubbed ‘Piggy’s Palace’. Investigators have said they were drunken parties with prostitutes and plenty of drugs.
Pickton’s younger brother David was under investigation as a prime suspect in the murders, but no evidence ever emerged to link him to any of the crimes and he was not charged.
David Pickton still lives close to the farm. Pickton’s suburban farm became the biggest crime scene in Canadian history.
Hundreds of investigators, including anthropologists, spent months combing through soil and buildings at the farm where they found human remains.
Source: Metro UK

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