Stella Damasus once believed that with time and with distance, Nigerians would forgive her and forget the fact that she married Daniel Ademinokan, she knows better now, that Nigerians don’t forget and don’t forgive!

The actress made a life changing decision years ago that affected not just her life but other lives around her when she ‘fell in love’ with and married film maker Daniel Ademinokan, the estranged husband of another Nollywood actress Doris Simeon.

Stella Damasus

This decision of hers made her a permanent residence of America far away from the insults and bashes, but its not enough as the social media has given many the avenue to unleash their unending anger on the woman.
These days, Stella seems to be tired of the insults that come with every of her posts! Especially posts that have something to do with Daniel.
To help herself the actress has disabled comments on her posts leaving only few posts open to opinions and comments.
However, personal and family posts are not open to comments. That way the actress hopes to control the glow of insults and curses on her page.
Just wondering now, when does this stop? Stella seems to be in for a long one…

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