Top 6 wives of Nigerian billionaires who have been with them for many years

Top 6 wives of Nigerian billionaires who have been with them for many years

There are a lot of billionaires in Nigeria who are now powerful and influential. However, there always has to be a secret of their fame, and in this article, we will talk about the beloved women of Nigerian billionaires who are the pillars behind their success stories. These ladies support and inspire their husbands and they are certainly worth to be given some credit for their success

Forbes richest men: who are their wives?

The wives of richest men in Nigeria are an essential part of their success stories that just cannot be omitted. Today, we will try to dive deeper into their personal life and tell about their amazing ladies who always were by their side. Below you can find the stories about six Nigerian billionaires and their lovely wives who never left them and supported them in everything they did.

1. Michael and Titi Joyce Adenuga

This woman is the beloved wife of the extremely rich business mogul Mike Adenuga, who is the second wealthiest man in Nigeria. The businessman mostly got his fortune from gas and oil-related deals, and he is the owner of some major companies like Globacom, which is the second largest operator in Nigeria.

Titi Adenuga is 51 years old, which makes her thirteen years younger than her husband who is now 64. She is Adenuga’s second wife after his unfortunate first marriage to his ex-wife Folake. They met at the Devcom Merchant Bank, which is now not defunct. Titi was came looking for a job there. The couple is happily married, and they have two children, whose names are Sade and Niyi.

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Fondly, Titi is sometimes called “Tizzle Girl”. She is a daughter of Itsekiri tribe members in Delta State, Madam Susan Okome and Pa. Elijah. She graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University, which is in Osun State. The billionaire’s wife hardly ever attends public events with her husband. However, when she does, she always looks on point.

Mike and Titi Adenuga

Mike and Titi Joyce Adenuga

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